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*pronounces “hors d’oeuvres” as “horse divorce”*

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iowa is the only state that consists entirely of vowels

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me after the anaconda video


me after the anaconda video

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This fr*ckin crackhead is still out here preventing me from gettin my weed smoke on

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this entire episode is a treasure.

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Finding out that people you thought were your friends talk shit about you behind your back is the worst feeling ever. It’s like ok there goes all my trust and respect for you right out the window. Especially when I’ve done nothing wrong. I haven’t fucked you over or wronged you in any way. So why do you feel the need to say things about me? Is it because you need to feel good about yourself? I just don’t understand people. THERE’S THINGS I COULD SAY ABOUT YOU TOO. But I don’t because we’re supposed to be friends. Friends are supposed to love and support each other right? RIGHT?! Maybe I’m the crazy one who has the definition of friends wrong.

:/ you okay? hmu if you want I’m back in california

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People trying to go home, get detained

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The Californians

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